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This project embarks on the following objectives:

  1. To promote open science culture and build consensus:

This project will focus on increasing awareness and understanding of Open Science (OS) principles among key stakeholders in India and Malaysia through public events and media engagement.

  1. To enhance university transition to sustainable open science practices:

This project will develop talent and capacity in Open Science by embedding OS in formal curricula of Partner Country Higher Education Institutions (PCHEIs).

  1. To advance Open Science Infrastructure at Universities:

This project will help PCHEIS to develop and implement OS. The infrastructure development and implementation will be leading to the creation of a modern research environment that supports Open Access, Open Data, Open Evaluation, and Open education, adhering to FAIR principles.

  1. To embed Open Science in University Policies and National Regulatory Frameworks

This project will contribute towards a better understanding on the legislative frameworks to advance national and institutional guidelines, policies, and incentives related to OS.

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Last Update: 22/04/2024